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Lead Vocals, Percussion

Wendy began singing early in life. She recalls:

"My earliest memory was getting people to pay to watch my performances in my backyard while my sister poured lemonade for the thirsty listeners and my brother at the tender age of 8 was the bruiser bouncer who collected money and made sure the crowd stayed in control".


Wendy goes on to describe her experiences as follows:

"I went on to study vocals at the conservatory of music, and from there I became a wedding singer. Yes just like the movie."

Wendy then moved on to singing in various Classic rock bands in the Ottawa area. HELIUM is proud and happy to welcome her as their lead vocalist.


Wendy's favorite albums:

    1. Styx - Equinox (1975)
    2. Supertramp - Crime of the Century (1974)
    3. Nazareth - Greatest Hits (1975)
    4. Greenday - Bullet in a Bible (2005)
    5. The Offspring - The Offspring (1995)


Come and meet Wendy in person at Helium's next gig!

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