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Archives : May-August 2006

ATLANTIC HOTEL - Alexandria - August 25, 2006


It had been too long since HELIUM visited Alexandria.  It was great to catch up with them familiar friendly faces again. 
The Atlantic Hotel regulars never disappoint.


We were pleasantly shocked to have 3 lovely couples come along with some friends to celebrate their wedding anniversaries.  Lots of love in the house.  Reg & Rose have honoured 22 years, Earl & Lori have shared 18 years and Richard & Rosie are still going on strong.  They all looked so happy.  Hopping around on the dance floor was no issue for them either!

JP and Luc Ménard

Kim from Montréal, Joanne, Christianne and sweet young girls, Brent & Chloe, Dinky & Coucou and others also looked awesome on that dance floor. It was a pleasure to have mingled and entertained such a nice bunch.  Great party!
One of JP's musical acquaintances, Luc Ménard of the band Big Whiskey, also decided to pop in for a visit.  Salut Luc!  Keep in touch, you hear!?!
Of course, we must not forget to thank the Atlantic's bar staff.  Hello and thanks again to Richard, Jamie, Bridget (she saved our lives!!!), Josée, Alisha and James (doorman Chappy).  HELIUM continues to appreciate their courtesy.
We really had a good time.  Can't wait for another invitation.  See you soon.


WINCHESTER DAIRY FEST - Winchester - August 11, 2006

This event was HELIUM's third and final booked festival of the 2006 Summer season.  Another successful and fun packed show it was!
Fellow members of the Mossy Roots band did a fantastic job warming up the people with their energetic, catchy, crowd friendly set.  Nice bunch of guys and you gotta hand it to them...they sure rock!  It was a pleasure to have shared the Festival's opening night and stage with them.  We hope to mingle again soon.  Check 'em out at www.mossyroots.com.

Winchester Dairy Fest 2006

Throughout the evening, we witnessed a lot of dancing and a lot of drinking.  Something wasn't quite right though!  Wait a minute...where are the cows?!? A DairyFest, but no cows?!? 
We were later told that the cows were resting and being preped for this Sunday's "milking contest".  This, among many great activities and features scheduled for the duration of the Festival. Fun stuff!
HELIUM wants to thank Shane, the wonderful soundman, for making both bands sound "groovy" all night long and for sharing a good working relationship.  We really liked his reaction to our "Toronto" rendition. 


Other great thanks go out to Barry, Jason, volunteers and staff for an awesome job.  Most of all, we thank organizer, Ms. Janine Stevensen for coordinating things very well and for making HELIUM feel welcomed.  Thanks for the beer tokens too!
Lots of fun for everyone!  You must not miss the annual Winchester DairyFest!!!

PHATTY KATS - Cornwall - August 5, 2006

This was a new venue for HELIUM.  An extremely fun and busy location.  The place was absolutely packed!!!  Patrons enjoyed and appreciated the rock ride we brought them on, and proved it by dancing all evening long.  I tell ya...that's what we like to see!


Phatty Kats staff: Claude, Dennis, Lisa and Kenny (DJ Phatty) are all awesome people and made HELIUM feel right at home.  Thanks for the warm greeting and swift service.

It was also a thrill to have "bride to be", Chantal, come out with her girlfriends to celebrate her bachelorette party with us.  They kept that party up!  Hope Chantal made it through alright!  A little later, we had a girl named Hollie have her fun singing and hopping on stage with us to one of her favourite songs.  Good stuff girl!  Pals, Pat and Rob were impressed by our set list and drank to us all night.  Thumbs up and Cheers right back at them!  Brothers, Roy and Dennis V. were also an enthusiastic bunch.  You guys had such great conversation.
It was a gig not to forget.  The Cornwall folks sure know how to party!!!  HELIUM would be pleased to rock with them anytime.


DO LITTLE'S - Smiths Falls- July 15, 2006


An Adventure in Chocolate
Yes indeed it was!

HELIUM was invited to Smiths Falls' annual Hershey Chocolate Festival.  As we arrived, the Do Little's staff was busy filling their "kiddy pool" with melted chocolate.  What do you suppose its purpose was for? 
You guessed it...Chocolate Wrestling!!! 


Throughout the evening, we assisted the Molson Extreme Team with their fabulous prize give-aways.  Congrats to all of the lucky winners from the marvelous crowd.  Matt and Krista sincerely hope you all enjoy your new beer T-shirts, hats, keychains, coolers and Bluesfest 06 passes.  Awesome prizes for everyone.  Everyone had such a good time with these young workers.  Exceptional job guys!

Matt from the MOLSON EXTREME team

It was also really nice to shake hands with the wonderful Do Little's staff:  Chris, Kami, Adam, Glenna, Amanda and cute "shooter girl".  Let's not forget about DJ Bender as well.  Thank you for a fantastic welcome and treat.  We really enjoyed the chocolate strawberries.  Your service was excellent! 
We must also log how receptive and energetic the Do Little's crowd was.  All of you absolutely rock!!! 
We'd like to say hello and thanks to Karen, Brenda, Lorraine and friends for their ongoing cheers, Rod and John for keeping their table rowdy and loud, Dave, Darlene and Derrik for their appreciative compliments, Scott for his focussed attention on the band, and, Greg Waters for his participation in the event's activities.  Other special thanks go out to the lovely couple who crossed over the river after hearing us from afar.  That was so cool of you!  Thanks to Eric also, for dancing around all night,  Kevin and many others for mingling and partying with us.  Great people!


THE GLUE POT PUB - Ottawa - July 14, 2006

Another awesome show!  One great thing about rock n' roll is "sweat".  Boy did we feel it!  J.P's guitar felt it too.  Despite such thick humidity, the HELIUM energy was kept high and consistent.

Luc Lachapelle

The Glue Pot Pub staff was, once again, very courteous.  Big thanks to Sonia for inviting us back so soon.  Shawlee and Erin were also very
quick at keeping us thirsty musicians refreshed.
We'd like to say hello to our new and old HELIUM friends who spent the evening with us:  John Morrison, Richard from Tallahassee, Bluesfest organizer Jerry, also, Joanne, Céline, Paul L., Hélène, Misty and Luc.  Did you enjoy wailing on that Fender, Luc?  ha ha  It was a thrill to have you jam with us.

Big hugs to everyone.  We really enjoyed our evening with each and every soul in the house.  'Til next time.


FINNIGAN'S PUB - Ottawa - June 30, 2006

HELIUM had a ball at Finni's!!!  We were as tight as ever and enjoyed rockin' the night away.  It was pleasing for us to get our crowd revved up for an early Canada Day celebration.  Once midnight hit...I tell ya!
We have so many people to thank for making our evening extra special.  Thanks to Larry XMas for his rowdiness, Darren for helping us with our gear, Marielle and friend for looking pretty, Shawn for coming out all the way from Sherbrooke, LizBeth from Montréal, André, Eric, Pete of Quicksand and Collette, Céline, Gerry, Natasha, Annick, Emily, Freedom, our old friends Claude Longo and Pete as well as Ken, Nancy and Ray, Joanne and mum, Marc (Roundcat), Christina and Freddy of Sandstorm... and, of course, the many regulars who continue cheering us on.  We sincerely hope that no one was forgotten.  As you can see, there are many of you fine people!
Other thanks to Finnigan's Pub staff: Drew Dobson, Jay, Collie, Tim and cute waitress.  You guys always show such professionalism and have the knack for making everyone feel at ease.  We'll shake your hands anytime.
HELIUM is looking forward to entertaining you folks again soon!

HELIUM and fun at Finnigan's Pub

VANFEST 2006 BENEFIT CONCERT - Ottawa - June 25, 2006

What a perfect event and beautiful day! The Vanier Community really shared its togetherness in support of the Ottawa Fire Victims Relief Fund. Like any other special event, time was allotted for great spokespeople to express their appreciation and share their stories. Our hearts go out to them.


The volunteer staff and sponsors (Rogers Wireless/106.9 FM The Bear) were very well selected by the wonderful VanFest 2006 organizers: Mr. Scott Ruffo, Mrs. Anne Faubert and Mr. Sandy Sprong.


You guys thought of just about everything and coordinated things very well. We applaud the efforts of the organizing committee, every single volunteer that donated their time and energy as well as the many firemen who attended.



Playing outdoors is always such a treat and we're sure all the other great bands in participation can vouch for that! Thanks to Guillaume and Paul for making everybody sound good under difficult circumstances (10 different bands in a row - ya gotta do it). All of the entertainers, from all around, were solid and absolutely rocked the Park. HELIUM was very pleased to be among this awesome lineup. Thumbs up go out to all of you beautiful musicians!  We were especially glad to have made new musical acquaintances such as: SIN Silver of Montréal, Transmission, The Scarecrows, Sandstorm and Miguel "Hetfield" of Misery. We hope to rock with you again some day soon.


All friends and families appreciated the wide musical versatility, the food, the drinks, the sun, visiting the ducks and geese, the face painting... My God...it was a fun filled day.

A big HELLO and THANKS, to all of our HELIUM friends who continue showing their rockin' supportive attitude. We love you all so much and we hope you enjoyed your day.


Photos courtesy of plauzon@gmail.com

THE GLUE POT PUB - Ottawa - June 9, 2006

Playing inner city is always so fulfilling.  We knew we were in for an awesome time at The Glue Pot when, one by one, friends shared their appreciation.
We wanna thank Serge of Return to Paradise for a great pep talk, friends Gail, Stevie, Tasha and Eric for celebrating Gail's B-Day with us, André, Jay, Steve, Glen and ....

The Sistas Rule !!!!

.......who can forget J.P.'s chick fan club!  (The Sistas Rule!) You ladies are so much fun!!!
Kudos to the great staff at The Glue Pot Pub : Sonia, Jeremy, Ashley, Cindy and Victoria for speedy service and a warm welcome. 
HELIUM hopes to see you all again soon!

HELIUM at The Glue Pot Pub

FRED'S STEAKHOUSE - Chapeau - June 3, 2006

HELIUM enjoyed their first experience at Fred's Steakhouse in Chapeau.  We had the pleasure of meeting very nice people and to share our knowledge about the small village with them.  They were all very receptive and extremely friendly. 
Can't get over the "Silver Beavers" tragedy!!! 
Thanks to staff: Odie, Jay, Christine, Cindy and that 30 lbs. cat in the recreational room.  (WOW)  Another thanks to André, Pat and Mr. Crazy Dancer.  You know who you are!!  See you again soon.

PENALTY SHOTZ - Cardinal - May 27, 2006

It was great seeing them familiar faces back in Cardinal.  We had a great time! 
Slight problem with some of our lights though!  This awesome big guy did not hesitate and rushed to fix us a spotlight.  Never caught the guy's name...  we are so ever grateful!  Thanks man.
A nice hello to Jane and Mary Loo for screaming away, Penalty Shotz owners Paul and partner for cheering, and their wonderful bartenders Jenn and Amanda for their cool service.  Oh...and who can forget about "smiley" Rob.  What a kidder!!! 
We'll see you again in August folks.  Can't wait

HELIUM at Penalty Shotz
Photos courtesy of Hélène H.



HAWK'S NEST - Petawawa - May 26, 2006

Another great gig this past Friday.  We really enjoy the Hawk's Nest stage in Petawawa.  This lovely town suffered a few power outages due to the awful rain.  The 2-hour drive was however pleasant due to the wildlife.  One of us counted 11 deer all together. 


Our thanks to the friendly staff: Bob, Brenda, Ann-Marie, Amie and Patty for another friendly greeting...and of course B.J. for his great sound expertise. Hot!
A special nod to Vern, Kurt and Des as well. 
Hope to catch the gang again very soon.

Helium at the Hawk's Nest

Photos by Johnny Sly

BRITISH HOTEL - Aylmer - May 6, 2006


We played the British in Aylmer, Qc. on Saturday.  How much fun it was to play that venue. 


The band was tight and the owner wanted power so we cranked it up, the sound was loud and HELIUM's band members were in shape. It was one of our best performances, what a great evening. 

A huge thanks to the staff of the British: Kerry, Mark (Big Mac) and Alex. (Brigitte our singer could'nt get over how hot those guys were! As for the supporting crowd, there was Sharon...she kept dancing and giving us thumbs up.  Tasha, Eddy and Brigid also for their amazing supportive attitude.  We were so well received at the British. 
Special thanks to Roger (Chong) for his picture taking. To Lise, Jay, Joanne, Celine, Johnny ... and all our other friends for showing up and their on-going support: we are so ever grateful.

Helium at the British Hotel

Photos courtesy of Jay

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