Meet the Band

Meet the Band
Performances (2005)
Song List

FLO - Drums

Being in a band’s drum seat is like being in a car’s driver’s seat. You got the pedals to set the speed and the steering power in your hands to take the band wherever you want. Flo knows how to use that power to give the band and the crowd a smooth ride

Always very intense, Flo intellegently plays with the songs dynamics so you’ll never feel that he is driving too hard on the pedal. However, at the end of the night, Flo will admit to you that he’s gone beyond the speed limit many many times

Flo’s experience comes from playing with hard rock acts such as Tremor, Jailbaits and many others. His musical influences are also very eloquent of his will to drive fast. Just to name a few of his favorites: Deep Purple and Dream Theatre.

Nevertheless Flo’s talent is not limited to one genre of music and he is proving this remarkably well in HELIUM’s musical diversity.

Flo will always tell you that if it’s too loud, it’s because you’re too old.



Only time can tell the story of Ghyslain. Through his musical experiences, this guitar player has captured our fond memories, our romantic highlights and our restless years with the tip of his fingers. Vibrating through his guitar is the heart underneath the shell and the emotions beyond words.


If you don’t know where this guy is from – just listen – and he’ll play you where he’s been.


Ghyslain’s musical experience has been highlited by his participation in bands such as Contre coup and Face à Face. Although he is influenced by Francophone music, giving his “coup de coeur” to Offenbach, Gillis still has a kick for the unforgettable acts like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Santana.


Given HELIUM’s musical diversity, Ghyslain can let his talent, his inspirations and his experience run free.


Ghyslain’s philosophy is to keep an open mind towards the material performed.



There is always a "wise man" behind every successful project.  Bob is a discreet musician  who holds the "key line" in each and every songs performed by HELIUM.

Every shade of the band’s musical styles are perfectly rendered by Bob’s bass playing skills. He always finds a way to renew his musical horizons and makes it look so easy to travel through time.

Every night, HELIUM falls back in harmony leaning on Bob’s intelligent and skillful sound arrangements. Everyone is amazed by the final results achieved by HELIUM, but a few know how vital is Bob’s contribution. Like an unrevealed secret, this guy’s talent is to be discovered.

Bob started his career as a guitar player, but soon became addicted to bass. His numerous years of experience as a musician have brought him to play a wide variety of genres from country, folk and all kinds of Rock ‘n Roll. Bob took part in numerous projects such as Contre Coup, Face à Face and Sugar Cane, to name a few.

His musical influences are all over the place, but you can’t help thinking about Bob when you hear Pink Floyd on the radio.

Every once in a while, you can hear Bob say: "Everything will go well, relax Lucien".


LUCIEN ROBIDOUX - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass

Every band needs a charismatic energetic front man. Playing this crucial role suits Lucien like a velvet glove. Watching Lucien perform on stage is a delight and never boring. His mission is to entertain and he delivers the goods every time.


Equally at ease with romantic ballads, blues drivers or good old rocking pneumonia, Lucien’s interpretations add subtlety to HELIUM’s musical diversity.


The man with the golden voice always performs in full concert with his band mates. He seems to enjoy Bob’s soulful bass lines, Ghyslain’s riveting guitar solos and Flo’s masterful power drums as much as everyone else who experience HELIUM live .  Lucien’s vocals provide the cherry on the cake.


Lucien’s musical tastes and experience are as diverse as they come. From the first “airband” he formed as a kid to the prestigious Théatre St. Denis in Montreal to a medieval castle in Israel, Lucien has seen a lot of different stages. He imparts new meaning to Shakespeare’s famous words "All the world's a stage"


While Bryan Adams is probably the most obvious one, Lucien's musical influences are much too long to list. What is less obvious is to find that he remembers nearly all the words to hundreds of songs of different genres … and will sing them to you if you dare ask him.


Known for his keen sense of humour and friendly interplay with the audience, Lucien owns the stage and with HELIUM makes sure the hits keep on coming. 
As he saysYou can't take Rock 'n Roll for granted 'cause once you got things Rockin', they Roll away easily "