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Lead Guitar, Background Vocals

Jean Pierre Lauzon
A perfect balance between rock N roll and blues, JP knows how to wrap things up to fit HELIUM’s musical diversity
This guitar player always manages to find the cutting edge to any song, making the band sound like it’s cast in pure rock.
He will keep your heart on a string and bring your emotions beyond the music ride, as you will be charmed by every one of his guitar solos.

People who know JP both in the every day life and as a rock musician might find him to have a dual personality. In fact, this guy is very down to earth, but when it comes to playing guitar, he really knows how to fly.

Those who meet JP find him very courteous and friendly, but with a Fender Stratocaster in hands, this man is 'armed and dangerous'.

Influenced by Jimmy Hendrix, Uriah Heep, Offenbach, Styx and Mahogany Rush, JP has developed his own style. He previously hit the music scene with acts such as: Mindscape, Kactus, Rock & Blues Review and now with HELIUM.

Bringing his own brand of humour and his 1,001 expressions to entertain us, JP’s hard work and dedication to his music is an inspiration for all.

JP and his bandmates are waiting for you at their next venue. Whatever mood you’re in, just let this man’s guitar fill your heart, mind and soul for a minute, then you’ll probably feel the healing hand for the rest of the night.

Rock on!

You can contact JP at