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Brigitte discovered her lust for singing and passion for rock music at an early age …. and never grew out of it.

Brigitte Hamel

While influenced by Ann Wilson of Heart and Freddie Mercury of Queen, Brigitte remains a heavy metal addict at heart. Her early influences were bands like Motley Crue, Ratt, Iron Maiden and W.A.S.P to name just a few.

After working and traveling with a music club during her school years, she soon graduated to the local club scene working with such bands as Stardust, Jailbait, Dirty Tricks, Tremor and Black Cherry.

After appearing in the 2001-2002 Canadian Showcase for Model and Talent, Brigitte started receiving call backs from several American agencies. However, after cutting a few demos with friends from Tremor , she discovered – in horror – that the promoters intended to change her preferred style of music into R&B. Gasp!

Discouraged, she sought a different scene and started working as a karaoke hostess. This experience allowed her to further develop her vocal skills and repertoire. She worked with All Canadian Karaoke at first and suddenly switched to Good time Karaoke mainly due to their wider rock/metal selections.

Hosting in different bars, private parties, the Vanier City Hall Sugar Fest and other events brought her many benefits … and earned her a few trophies on the way. She loved it and made a lot of friends.

Returning to her roots, Brigitte is very excited to be part of HELIUM looking forward to an amusing journey with these Rockin’ (nice) guys

You can contact Brigitte at